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Bucks County Child Support Lawyer

Why You Need Susan Gibson as Your Child Support Lawyer

Protecting your rights during child support negotiations

Although you may be going through a divorce or separation, your child has rights too. By working with a child support lawyer in Bucks County you can get a beneficial outcome for everyone involved.

Here's how Susan Gibson helps your case:

She'll Help You Draft & File Court Paperwork

Many filings will be necessary to reach an outcome in a child support case. If you miss anything, you may delay your case, or be required to attend additional hearings.

A child support attorney helps gather necessary information and files it properly.

She Understands How Child Support is Calculated

It's critical to know the amount of child support the court is likely to award. It's also beneficial to understand common deviations from these amounts that might be relevant in your case.

Gibson Family Law, PLLC explains the court's approach to financial support.

She'll Handle All Your Child Support Issues

Not only will you have to establish the amount of child support, but you also have to consider other details like who claims the child for tax purposes, who pays for extracurricular activities, and more.

Susan Gibson ensures your court order encompasses all issues.

Pennsylvania Law & Child Support Payments

Helping you understand your child support obligation

Both parents are responsible for supporting their child. However, the parent who makes child support payments will be the parent who has partial physical custody or who earns more than the other parent when there is equal physical custody.

The Income Shares Model

Pennsylvania uses an “income shares” model to determine child support obligations. This model considers both parents' income and the number of children. Each parent's share of the basic support obligation is proportional to their monthly net income.

The model considers which parent has primary custody, as they generally provide a higher portion of support through everyday living expenses. The noncustodial parent typically pays the custodial parent.

If the parents have equally shared physical custody, the person with the higher monthly net income generally has the higher support obligation and must pay the other parent child support.

Pennsylvania Support Guidelines

Pennsylvania has adopted a basic child support schedule. This chart is used to determine the basic child support obligation. Then, each parent is allocated a percentage of obligation according to their monthly net income.

Bucks County Child Support Process

Providing you with legal advice for your child support case

From gathering information to court conferences and hearings, our Bucks County child support lawyers handle it all.

Gathering Information for Your Case

To determine the amount of child support payments, it's necessary to gather information about both parents' income and expenses. Some of this information may seem very personal, but it's required by the court. If anyone withholds any information or hides finances, they face severe repercussions.

Drafting & Filing Necessary Paperwork

Specific paperwork must be completed and submitted to the court. Although forms are generally available, failure to complete them properly can result in case delays or even miscalculated child support orders.

Attending Court Conferences & Hearings

There will be multiple court conferences and hearings regarding your child support. However, you could avoid most court appearances when you work with a child support attorney.

Getting the Child Support Order You Need

Child support is hotly debated, with one party wanting more and the other not understanding why that's necessary. A family law attorney helps you reach an agreement that will best provide adequate support for the child.

Resolving Additional Issues

While you may initially be seeking to establish or modify child support, other legal issues may arise. A reputable child support law firm helps determine health care issues for your children, child custody matters, and more.

Bucks County Child Support FAQs

We understand you have many questions about your and your child's rights. We provide answers to some of the most common questions.

How Is Child Support Enforced?

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Bureau of Child Support Enforcement can help parents collect current monthly child support and overdue child support. However, you can hire a lawyer to take your child's other parent back to court and ask for enforcement of an order.

What Happens When a Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support?

If a parent is ordered to pay child support and fails to, the court can find that person in contempt. This allows the court to impose a punishment, including a fine of up to $1,000, probation, or even jail time.

Can Child Support Be Modified?

Yes, child support modification is common. Either parent can return to court and request a modification of child support. However, it is the burden of the requesting party to prove there have been substantial changes in the circumstances of either party. This may include a change in the needs of the child or the income of either or both parties.

Are Extra-Curricular Activities Considered in Child Support?

No. The cost of extra-curricular activities is not considered when determining child support. However, the split of this cost can be determined in a parenting agreement.

How Are Child Support Payments Made?

Most parents who pay child support do so through wage-attachment orders issued to their employers. The employer withholds the support payment from the obligor's paycheck and pays the amount to Pennsylvania's State Collection and Disbursement Unit (PASCDU), which then disburses the support amount to the oblige via direct deposit or EFT cards.

Sometimes, the parties may agree not to have a wage attachment order issued. In that case, the obligor may still make payments to PASCDU or the parties may agree to a direct pay arrangement. An experienced child support attorney can help you determine which situation is best for you.

Let Gibson Family Law, PLLC Take Your Child Support Case

If you need to establish or modify child support in Doylestown or anywhere in Bucks County, it's challenging to determine what steps to take. Attorney Susan Gibson has practiced family law for almost 15 years and is ready to take your case.

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